Summary: At Electronic Arts, I was tasked with launching EA’s first new IP in over a decade: ANTHEM. As the Global Lead, Marketing, I currently oversee social, editorial, web, and in-game strategy and content.


I manage the website.
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Unveiling javelin gear and abilities using gameplay, icons, 3D models, and the optimized 3-up formation.


I work with studio to plan and create content for the first two in-game tiles of the Newsfeed.
Anthem™ Demo_20190126154112
During Anthem VIP Demo we greeted players with tips and tricks as well as a demo overview.


I run the Anthem Newsroom and provide strategic and creative direction as well as final edits for all official Anthem blogs and copy (e.g email).
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The “Combat” blog was part of our PAX West push (13 blogs in 13 languages in one day) — I really like the combination of text and visuals.


I oversee the official Anthem global social channels as well as all territory channels. This includes channel strategy, social copy, and social video.
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During livestreams we run a real-time newsroom to cut down content and push it out as soon as the stream ends.
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